Snugtime™ is proud to announce the launch of our Snugtime™ Baby Monitor App. We have created a helpful smartphone utility that has been designed to work within a babies’ natural sleep cycle. It can be used in variety of on-the-go situations, perfect for the modern family.

Effective and simple to use, it outperforms other permanent baby monitors with true mobility and unique versatility. At a friends place for dinner or away on holidays, our app provides a safe & convenient monitoring option for parents and babysitters.

The Snugtime™ Free app, which has a 5 use trial, the user can customise the app in the settings tab. Once the delay counts down and begins, the device detects sustained noise threshold, (i.e a baby crying) and places a call to the designated number.

Other features include a backlight option to reassist the user in finding the device in a dark room.

In the full version, the Snugtime™ app incorporates a unique feature not found in similar apps. The lullaby option can be activated in the settings page and after sustained noise is detected, the device plays gentle chimes or which can encourage a baby to back to sleep, giving parents a break, while still safely monitoring their child.

Snugtime™ Baby Monitor is currently only available for download in the App Store for iPhone 3GS & iPhone 4. However, it is also compatible with Android-powered devices and currently still under development and will be available for download in Market soon.


Months cm kg
0000 Newborn 56 4
000 0 - 3 6
00 3 - 6 68 8
0 6 - 12 76 10
1 12 - 18 84 12
2 92 56 54
3 100 58 55
4 108 60 56
5 115 62 57
6 120 64 58
7 125 66 59